Sugaring Hair Removal

Sugaring is a type of hair removal process similar to waxing. The substance traditionally used in sugaring is a paste made of natural ingredients. The repetition of the sugaring will sometimes reduce eventual hair growth. Sugaring keeps hair from growing back for four to six weeks, longer than shaving. When executed properly sugaring has a smaller probability of ingrown hairs than other hair-removal techniques.



$98 - Brazilian

$170- Brazilian w/bikini facial aka vajacial

$60 - Bikini 

$30 - Sideburns

$70 - Full Arm
$50 - Half Arm

$45 - Underarm

$45 - Stomach

$25 - Stomach Strip

$25 - Buttock Strip 

$90 - Exterior Buttock

$25 - Feet & Toes

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